Extradition and Asylum

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Extradition Explained Extradition is the official surrender of an offender by the state of his residence to the state of criminal proceedings. Between sovereign states, the regulation of extradition is regulated by the treaties. The act of “handing over” of property or persons from one jurisdiction to another is also called Rendition. The motive of such […]

Mohd. Ahmed Khan Vs Shah Bano Begum

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Mohd. Ahmed Khan vs Shah Bano Begum (AIR 1985 SC 945) Citation(s): 1985(1) SCALE 767= 1985(3) SCR 844= 1985(2) SCC 556= AIR 1985 SC 945 Court: Supreme Court of India Petitioner: Mohd. Ahmed Khan Respondent: Shah Bano Begum Laws Applied: Section 125 Criminal Procedure Code and Muslim Personal Law Subject: Maintenance of Divorced Muslim Women […]

S.S. Lotus Case

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The Case of the S.S. Lotus The Government of the French Republic versus The Government of the Turkish Republic Court- Permanent International Court of Justice Citation- Court of International Justice, PCIJ (Ser.A) No.10 (1927) Before: President- M.M. Huber Former President- Loder Vice-President- Weiss Judges- Finlay, Moore, Oda, Nyholm, De Bustamante, Altamira, Anzilotti, Pessoa. Year of […]

Kesavananda Bharati vs State of Kerala

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Kesavananda Bharati Vs State of Kerala (AIR 1973 SC 1461) The 13-judge bench gave a landmark judgement in Kesvananda Bharati vs State of Kerala. It is that way because Parliament was no longer allowed to amend the ‘basic structure’ of the Constitution of India. Introduction To The Case: Equivalent Citation: AIR 1973 SC 1461 Case […]

North Sea Continental Shelf Case

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North Sea Continental Shelf Case Court- International Court of Justice Countries Involved- Demark, Netherlands, and Republic of Germany. Year of Decision- 1969 Background: These were a series of disputes that involved agreements among Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands regarding the delimitation of areas- rich in oil & gas- of the continental shelf in the North […]

Maneka Gandhi Vs Union Of India

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Maneka Gandhi vs Union of India Equivalent Citation: 1978 AIR 597, 1978 SCR (2) 621 Petitioner: Maneka Gandhi Respondent: Union of India Judgement Date: 25th January 1978 Bench: Hameedullah Beg (CJI), Y.V.Chandrachud, P.N Bhagwati, V.R. Krishna Iyer, N.L.Untwalia, S.M. Fazal Ali& P.S.Kailasam Background: On June 1, 1976, Maneka Gandhi was issued a Passport under the Passport Act 1967. […]

Mohori Bibee Vs Dharmodas Ghose

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Mohori Bibee vs Dharmodas Ghose- (1903) 30 Cal. 539 (Minor Agreements)   Introduction To The Case: Appellant: Mohori Bibee and Others Advocate for Appellant: Watkins Defendant: Brahmo Dutt Advocate for Defendant: W.W. Box Court: Kolkata Judgment Date: 4th March 1903 Acts: Section 115 of Indian Evidence Act 1877, Sections- 19, 41, 64 and 65 of Indian Contract Act […]